Biological technique filter material- light filter material with calcium and magnesium.Special design to arowana, skate, Lo-Han cichlid, marine ornamental fish and large filtering systems.Characteristic:1.      The abundant activated calcium, magnesium….ions are liberated fr

W i t h a n a i r l i f t s y s t e m , t h e s u p e r l e a d e r s p o n g e f i l t e r w i t h s p e c i a l d e s i g n e d m i c r o p o r e s f e a t u r e s s i l e n t o p e r a t i o n , a n d h a s a n e x c e l l e n t f i l t e r i n g e f f

Precision CO2 Relieved Regulator Easy to limit CO2 lever. Precise, refined, light 1.     Precision structure, durable stainless steel inner part with aluminum alloy to release CO2 by fine tuning. 2.     Ergonomically designed, easy to install without usi